• Where is MYDO® one year after winning the NRJ Startup contest?

    08/24/2015 , Le Soir

    Winner of the NRJ Startup Contest in 2015, Michael MALHERBE is giving an update on the progress of its MYDO® project.

    MYDO® is still there a year later after winning various competitions. The lessons of his entrepreneurial journey: be patient, kep both feet on the ground and take the time to analyze things from a technical and business perspective.


  • Semi-final of NRJ Startup competition!

    10/28/2014 , in Le Soir

    The favorite business of the NRJ Startup jury, MYDO has been selected for the grand final of the competition. 

    Out of 150 projects presented, 12 were selected for the semi-final.  From the 12 semi-finalists, MYDO was one of the 6 finalists chosen, and was ranked 1st by the members of the NRJ Startup competition jury.


  • MYDO®, winner of NRJ Startup

    09/24/2014 , in the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie press revue

    The Liège-Verviers Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) reports on the MYDO® victory in the NRJ Startup competition and the call for its crowdfunding operation on

  • MYDO® is the big winner of the NRJ Startup competition!

    09/22/2014 , in Le soir

    MYDO® wins top prize in the competition following public's overwhelming vote!

    Already acclaimed by the NRJ Startup jury, MYDO® proves to be the public’s favorite with more than 2,500 votes in 3 weeks.  Out of 150 French Belgian projects presented, MYDO® is the jury and the public's number one!

  • The Belgian fashion and design eMag

    09/20/2014 , in DKLIKK

    DKLIKK is interested in crowdfunding and presents the 3 projects close to its heart including MYDO®. DKLIKK supports our crowdfunding campaign on