Press release

  • Belgian fashion and design trends magazine

    09/06/2014 , VICTOIRE magazine

    The weekend magazine supplement of Le Soir puts the spotlight on its favorites, including MYDO®, in support of the project in the framework of its crowdfunding campaign on

  • MYDO® innovation in modular furniture

    09/06/2014 , in DKLIKK

    First appearance in a Belgian professional fashion and design magazine.

    DKLIKK presents MYDO® innovation in modular furniture and calls for support of the project through its crowdfunding campaign on

  • The Belgian fashion and design eMag

    09/20/2014 , in DKLIKK

    DKLIKK is interested in crowdfunding and presents the 3 projects close to its heart including MYDO®. DKLIKK supports our crowdfunding campaign on

  • MYDO® is the big winner of the NRJ Startup competition!

    09/22/2014 , in Le soir

    MYDO® wins top prize in the competition following public's overwhelming vote!

    Already acclaimed by the NRJ Startup jury, MYDO® proves to be the public’s favorite with more than 2,500 votes in 3 weeks.  Out of 150 French Belgian projects presented, MYDO® is the jury and the public's number one!

  • MYDO®, winner of NRJ Startup

    09/24/2014 , in the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie press revue

    The Liège-Verviers Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) reports on the MYDO® victory in the NRJ Startup competition and the call for its crowdfunding operation on